Day 1733 Zoe time

Zoe ignoring me in her basket. There is a dog in the middle of all that inky texture. Really there is. Maybe I should call this find the dog?! 😂

So paintings are still not getting done BUT I made four dozen more cookies. Only took all afternoon and evening yesterday and about 6 more hours today to decorate them. I MIGHT be getting over the baking urge. Maybe.

All that baking has worn me out. Squeezing the rock hard icing bag does too. A new appreciation for a piped icing line here. Just remember icing on the thin side is better than icing that stands up in perky peaks. Peaks = rich hard icing. Not something you ever wanna ice a cookie with. Eeek.

Lamy EF Eelskin noodler ink and Strathmore and birn journal

Margaret Tahred and going to bed. Hugs. Xoxoxox

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