Day 1733 Sacred Heart

Or a little urban sketching. a little sloppy because it suooode to get paint. What can I say? And oops I ran out of room for the cross on top of the altar and was busy making big cookies instead of painting.

I always love to go to meetings at Sacred Heart.

My favorite spot to urban sketch in Augusta.

And today was a treat because the light was streaming thru all the fabulous stained glass windows that I faced.

Ok so I got lost in cookie land again and almost forgot to post. Oopsey. Will try to do better. Hmm I have another three dozen to ice. All my friends said I just want one. So I had to make more. Well shortly I will get over the cookie decorating urge I hope.

Margaret ready to go to bed and have sweet dreams. Did I say I saw this really cute video of hammerhead shark videos my grandson would flip out over?! Yum yum. I do love a good sugar cookie. Even tastier when made with Kerrygold butter. Xoxoxox

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