Day 1735 A Bit of Bird fun

I throw sunflower seeds out to the birds and squirrels just so they will model for me. Shhh they don’t know it. They are just getting fat for the winter.

These are all done in my small old 5×7″ watercolor moleskin. Some on toned pages pressured with yellow ochre.

I released the watercolor and inktense pencil with that ratty tea bag left over from my morning tea because I was too sorry to get up and get some water.

Back to the tea bag. I just put it down on the cardinals and pulled it across the birds smearing the watercolor pencil. Kind of like the effect.

I think some of these would be fun done as long strips on that long skinny leftover watercolor paper we all have. Maybe I need to add a few pieces to my pile on the den coffee table. It all helps to have everything right there where you like to sit and knit or watch tv.

Hugs Margaret who is NOT watching the news all day today. Really I am not well maybe not. Another wild crazy day in DC. Xoxoxo.

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