Day 1736 Kate Marie

Always worth a drive to Atlanta to draw the amazing Miss Kate Marie Cofsky. She can do poses I have only seen one other model do.

All those arms and legs going different directions make for insane tough drawing. And she’s so slim. Don’t want to draw her fat. The things she did with that darn rope. Like I was at Dr Sketchys.

Second break.

Third break

Done. Think I could use a touch more work on her right arm and maybe add some more darks to the background. I used cerulean. Cobalt might be a better choice to make the figure pop more.

Fluid 140# cold press watercolor paper

Paints – Holbein M Graham or Daniel Smith

flesh-cad red light and yellow ochre.

Shadows-Cerulean cad red light and burnt sienna.

Hair -hansa yellow yellow ochre raw umber.

Throws-Brilliant orange raw umber ultramarine for the brown and orange.

Rope-quin gold cerulean and burnt sienna.

Tomorrow another day of drawing Miss Kate. She has something planned already. Margaret ready for a nap but might do her sons dishes first. Xoxoxo

Kate Marie Cofsky awesome mode @katemariecofsky 16×22” fluid watercolor paper. #watercolor #art #painting #artist #painter #aquarelle #atlanta #atlantaartistcenter #lostedges #allaprima #lifestyleblogger #lifestylechange #drawing #sketching #travel #lifemodel #charlesreid

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