Day 965 141 People in one Week 

Well I made it. Added another another 14 people yesterday when we were at the Standardbred Harness Races yesterday at McGhees Mile Track in Aiken. Starting from the last one draw to the first one drawn at the end of the post. I am going to paint some of these today I think since this is day 7. 

​Flipagram of the sketches. 

All of them are drawn with my Lamy safari in Lexington Grey ink in my Stillman and Birn Alpha. Most were drawn from real life except the 20 or so talking heads. 

In the window at the Mexican cafe on Laurens street in Aiken. 

At the races. I was afraid to shop out my sketchbook after I did this because a certain bird was busy telling people what a great sketched I was. 

Off MSNBC Friday nite. ditto that

Hanging the new Augusta State University logo sign at the Dental School Friday. These guys were working hard. Two guys only but they hardly stood still pushing and shoving the big scaffold that would take them to the top of the four story building. 

More of the two guys. One worked continually nonstop the whole hour or so I was drawing. Pulling and pushin. And backing the truck up. 

Contour drawings because they were moving fast. The angles they got on their bodies were as good as any dancer or yoga as they pushed and shoved the heavy scaffold. 

In line waiting at chic fil a and the dental school check in. 

Too right luck at chic Fil a and a guy waiting to see the dentist at the college. 

A three generation family at chic Fil a  

More tv talking heads. 

My heroine Rachel Maddow. So brilliant. 

Talking heads MSNBC especially like the Bernie Head. 

Lawrence O’Donnell taking heads. Love him too. 

Rachel Maddow and her talking heads 

Panera sketches Tuesday

Panera Tuesday 

Panera Tuesday the rest are at Panera Monday and a few more talking. Heads from MSNBC. 

Heads on Morning Joe. 

As I said will paint some of these. I love having my own coloring book. Total people. Depends on how you count them. 141 if I count all the contour drawings at the Dental College and in the crowd at the races. 


Margaret who has to paint. Xoxoxo