Day 964 100 people in seven days Day SIX

Time to finish up those 100 people. In the meantime there’s always the tv to draw from. 

I am completely absorbed by the unfolding spy whodunnit on Eachel Maddow every nite on MSNBC. I even take notes and draw some of the talking heads or players in this dramatic story. Last nite it was General Flynn who was working for the Turkish government to the tune of $500000 while he was head of our National Security. 

I don’t think Robert Ludlum or John Le Carre could make this stuff up. Just crazy stuff going on. 

And yesterday ALL the holdover Obama attorneys were fired and told to clear out by close of business. Usually they stay to finish up their cases and then leave. Not this time. And Hannity a tv talking head seems to have precipitated it. Hmmm. 

The double page spread. Still have to find one more head to draw. 

Colors used.  Quin coral and gold and burnt orange. Burnt umber and ultramarine and cerulean. A dab of orange. 

Ttyl off to the flat track horse races in Aiken. No nekkid painting today. Going to miss my painting peeps. 

Margaret xoxoxo who hopes it’s not freezing cold out today.