Day 955 Urban Landscape Knoxville

Yesterday we had at lunch Kathe Drew and I had a  big discussion on gridding our paintings or not. Drews currently working on a huge painting of downtown Augusta. The view is five floors up and he’s frustrated trying to get all the buildings in to the scene. 

I told him about drawing this view of downtown Knoxville last May. I was five stories up too at 7 am drawing away. It took about half an hour to draw this. 

Most people looking at it would think that yes that’s exactly what Knoxville looks like but it’s not quite. 

No matter how hard I try to plot the drawing of a cityscape like this I usually run out of room by the time I work right or left to the edges. 

I end up leaving out buildings. I told Drew that as long as you get the important buildings in the skyline is recognizable. What would the Knoxville skyline look like without the Workds Fair golden globe or the the big basketball from the basketball hall of fame.

 Some buildings are musts in the skyline. Other  nobody will ever notice they are missing. Nobody has yet to say where’s xyz. 

These are actually what I was looking like. 

I didn’t even paint it so it looked like this. 

I added nice dawn colors. Layering buildings with a base coating of Quin gold letting it dry and then painting it the colors of the buildings. It gives a nice early morning glow to the sketch. 

Anyway that’s it for today. Ttyl

Margaret xoxoxox