The Party’s over

Hitting the road in the morning

Drawing in lovely Valle Crucis in the am.

In the meantime a couple of Fealing Lin sketches from my notes for the week.

These will get watercolor.

Lamy EF Noodler Black eelskin Ink Handprint Art journal.

Remember what Picasso said learn the rules like a Pro then you can break them an artist.

Good advice.

Margaret ready to hop in bed soon. Xoxoxox

Progress made

So after what I said yesterday I decided to finish Henry my grandson. What a sweetie.

He still needs some jewelry as Fealing calls it. Some dots here and there.

Had to lift all the blue I put on the highlight not paying attention to what I was doing. Thought I had ruined it totally. As it is the paper is a little rough there but nobody would notice it but me.

Hot press fluid 15×22″ paper.

Brevard gypsy lady dressed for Halloween. No I don’t know if she’s actually a gypsy but maybe disguised as one.

A lot of fun painting her. Her sunglasses her scarf her jillion bracelets and necklaces. I think I there are seven of the later. But what a FUN figure.

She’s close to done. Going to negative paint around her white hair so it will show. And the. Who knows. Three more to finish and only one partial day left. 9-1 pm. Maybe one more will get done?! We shall see.

Margaret not dead tired for once but in bed after a fabulous dinner at Over Yonder Restaurant out in Valle Crucis. So delicious. Xoxoxoxo

A Break Through

Another busy busy day

Not often I am in my jammies in bed st 8:30. Up at the crack of dawn draw and paint all day.

So what was the break through?! Don’t paint people you know then you won’t be hampered or intimidated by the need to make them look like your relative or friend. You can just have fun painting.

So I spent all morning drawing these two ladies.

More to do on Morning Coffee. 15×22″ 140# cold press Fluid


All that water I threw at her and she’s still flat.

Lots of edges to soften. Hard edges are ridiculous on her face.

The Drawing

A lot left to do on her. All of her jewelry. Her head scarf and a million other fun things. OH her glasses. Not anywhere dark enough. She had on about six necklaces and ten bracelets. So LOTS to do.

And those teeth. Ugh.

Colors used raw sienna alizarin American Journey Andrews Turquoise Mineral Violet Cad red cad yellow burnt sienna and some ultramarine blue. Big 1 1/2 flat for most of the painting.

Margaret tucked into bed before 9am. All I need is sweet Zoe. Xoxoxo

Live from Boone


A few more parking lot chickens oops roosters from Key west Wildlife Rescue. Poor things having to live out their lives in a Parking lot. The big buff guy actually spurred the other ones. Meany.

Joe Miller aka Cheap Joe and Fealing Lin. I think he might be dressed as Van Gogh if he loved to be an old man. Joe is a Van Gogh authority and does a delightful one man show about Theo Van Gogh Vincent’s brother which he has performed all over the US including the National Museum of Art in DC and the Met in NYC.

Margaret having too much fun in Boone. Like coming home. Xoxox

A Few More Chicks

From Boone NC. really they are Key West parking lot chicks from the Wildlife Rescue.

Class tomorrow at Cheap Joes.

140# Fabriano rough press

Trying to decide whether or not to crop the fourth hen/rooster on the right. He she looks odd as in stuffed into the page. And it’s neither a rooster or a hen. Hmmm. Think I like it with just the three better but the blue feet on the left one GOTS to go.

Class w the delightful Fealing Lin tomorrow. She’s across the hall from me.

Margaret glad to be in the cool rainy weather of Boone NC. I think I remember rain. Xoxoxox

Another Ibis

My friend who joined me while I painted. Did I tell you he tried to eat my Charles Reid Holbein palette. He likes expensive food. Rofl.

And then there was the poop. What is it with birds and their indiscriminate bathroom habits – aka go wherever. On my table. All over the floor. Yuck.

The green is made from cad yellow light and peacock blue. Makes a spring green. The reverse painting aka background makes the ibis pop. If I darkened it he would stand out even more.

Margaret packing to head for DC in the am. Xoxoxox

Key West Snow Patrol

If I am not painting palms I seem to be painting chickens. And an ibis or two. I borrowed the name but the chickens really do patrol Key West. On the docks. In the streets at the crosswalks in the restaurants under your chair or even on the table.


Next time I am only bringing superaquabee paper unless I break down and make a sketchbook from strathmore mixed media paper. Both papers LOVE watercolor. They don’t Waffle while you are painting and they tend to dry flat. Always a plus. Plus the watercolor paint looks gorgeous on the paper.

Going to bring my long skinny one. 6×12 and either a 5×7 or and 8×10. Then I am going to sit on a corner and sell the sketches. Lol. Aka pay for our dinner and our


Try them you will love them.

Margaret off to Hogfish for some grilled hogfish salad. Sooo delish and no chickens. Just fish dockside. They stay in the water rofl.

I hurt myself

Hogfish w Gorgonzola sauce spinach and artichokes and mixed veg a mango martini and Pinot noir. And my sis in laws cheese tortellini with sweet sausage and bolognese sauce. OH MY so delish.

Topped with Tiramisu and a view of the Atlantic with various joggers and skaters floating by. A sailboat or two.

Best food ever in Key west at La Tratorria. AmAzInG!! That tiramisu best I have ever eaten and I have eaten a lot of them. Expensive yes but who cares food was perfection the view perfect and all divinely lickable!!

Margaret who hurt herself xoxoxo

Busy perfect day!!

Since Dorian is not blowing in it seems to have cooled off with lots of great breezes. Spent the day drawing painting chasing chickens for pictures. This guy is a mean character but oh so gorgeous with his yellow gold ruff.

Superaquabee paper is great to draw and paint on. Smooth as butter and LOVES watercolor. Easier to blend on.

Eaton Street View from Cole Peace bakery window. Rough press Arches

Palm trees coming along. Used the Vlad Yesilev saber brush. Might help that I had a couple of daiquiris. 🤗

Mile high Key Lime pie from lunch the other day and our view of Higgs Beach from Saluté on the Beach.

Painted the palm tree the same way same colors as first one. Do not like this one nearly as well. Almost like the paint would stick to the paper in my Stillman and Birn Zeta.

Palm tree colors leaves cad yellow light chrome green hookers green ultramarine blue.

Water is Cheap Joes Andrews Blue and peacock blue. Dab of mineral violet.

Margaret ready to read her new Carl Hiassen book. Xoxoxo

Ibis time

You know I love to draw a bird. And ibis are so interesting. They just about lose so you can draw them. These were drawn at the Kew West Wildlife Center here. Found out recently they live in Augusta too. Now I wonder if they are the small white birds I see flying up and down the Savannah. Anyway fascinating birds with their pink bills and legs. They love dog food. Bought a sack of kitty snacks today in hopes of feeding them and getting them to pose for me.

Cerulean and quin gold on bodies. Quin coral on beans and feet. Cerulean blue eyes. Such lovely birds.

Background burnt sienna burnt umber mineral violet quin gold hookers green

Lamy pen eelskin black ink superaquabee tablet.

Margaret sitting out the hurricane in Key West. It’s heading north to Georgia so don’t worry. We should be high and dry.