Day 974 Art for Breakfast

Decided to quickly draw my Sunday brunch before I ate it. Hmm it’s an omelet. Got a little dark. Aka lost my yellows. But on the whole I like this a lot. 

The tulips were really standing up but they are so pretty decided to draw them flopping so they would fit. 

Since I also used a Prismacolor art stick or two and a white gel pen this is really mixed media. 

Lamy safari Arches #280 paper Lexington grey ink. 

Margaret xoxoxo

Day 973 St Patrick’s Day in Augusta 

We had an Urban Sketchers of Augusta meet up at Artus to draw the St Patrick’s day parade Friday. Fun time with Sandy from Artus and AC who fell in love w my Lamy EF that I lent him and sweet Katie Padgett.  
These guys were enjoying some Guinness in front of Soy Noodle House and watching the parade go by. Architecture is a little wonky because I was standing on the sidewalk looking around the mob that passed by. Some of them would just stand in front of me. Eeek. 

Whiskey Bar still needs paint. These two are on 280# Arches cold press. Oops cut off their legs. 

A great pirate ship passed by. I taught AC and Katie that u don’t have to draw everyone you see but can add people from different floats to the one you are working on. Who will know!? Just you. 

One float was full of an adorable group of older women from St Johns Towers a retirement home. I forgot to draw the crowd in front darn it because I was so enthralled with the old truck and the ladies. 

These two are in my Stillman and Birn Alpha which is almost full. 

All are drawn with my Lamy Safari. Painted w Ted Nuttalls transparent palette. 

Ttyl class in Aiken. 

Margaret xoxoxo 

Day 972 Approaching 1000 days of daily blogging. 

Neither sleet nor snow nor sickness nor activity will stop the daily posting. Only 28 days to go til DAY 1000!!! I started out aiming at 50 days and didn’t think I would make that goal. So now I have far surpassed that. 

Waiting for His Shift at the Inner Bean. 

He sits out on the sidewalk in front of the Inner Bean reading and smoking cigarettes till time for his lunch shift. He’s a fixture there. And no idea of his name. Need to fix that. 

This guy was sitting under my favorite light at the Bean. I think I need another go at that light. Because the table is near the window it gets a great light on a sunny day. 

It’s a high table so the angle is off on it. 

Ted Nuttalls transparent palette. Lamy Safari pen. Stillman and Birn Alpha 

Off to shop for a few more supplies.  Starting another online class tomorrow with Julianna Coles Book of the Night extreme journalism. She offers a lot of other classes in visual journaling.  I really enjoyed  her week in the sketchbookskool class Polishing.  

And yes I started scribbling this morning on another page but not done enough yet to share it. Stand by!!  

Ttyl Margaret xoxox off to walk the dogs and get an old kids book to turn into a journal. Oh and wet wipes. Required!! 

Day 971 It’s Saturday 

And I went to the flat track races today in Aiken. Almost forgot to blog. Oopsey. 

Today I didn’t feel like standing up and painting so I drew. I also needed some fodder to alter sooo I drew a lot. This is probably the best of the batch and is drawn with caran dache neoclor ii watercolor crayons. Always fun. The best part was that since I am going to alter them it doesn’t matter if they are the best art ever which is liberating. 

This is the first one I did.  Pencil. 

Number 2 pencil and Prismacolor pencil. 

Number four caran dache again.  

Tom Needham’s watercolor. He really caught Andreas look. 

Al Beyer’s watercolor. Great job as usual. 

A.C.Daniels lovely small oil. My fav I think. 

Drew Murphys big acrylic. He had a terrible angle but this turned out great. 

Jeremy’s beautiful pencil sketch. 

Rachel’s Great watercolor. Hasn’t been painting but a few months so it’s really exceptional. 

Fred. What can I say a dentist sees us differently?!

Still working on the Avenging Angel. Decided her chest was a little too much white. 

Anyway. Ttyl

Margaret xoxoxo

Day 970 Avenging Angel

Happy St Patrick’s Day!! Time to wear the green.  

Mixed media 15×22. 140# Kilimanjaro watercolor paper. 

Got up at five am and started working on a not too great watercolor of Ilaina. The heads too small. And her beautiful long hair was pinned up. 

I started journaling while listening to Robert Holden on Hay House. He’s the happiness guru. Good way to start your day. 

Then I stamped her and collaged her.  The wings were scraps that just fell next to her shoulders. That’s a sign isn’t it that she wanted to be an angel?!

Next came the paint. On her eyes. Added hair. Scribbled on her with my Prismacolor art sticks. Bytw I went for the black one and ended up with the dark blue one. 

This angel wants what she wants. Then I added the red Prismacolor.  Didn’t want her too precious as angels can be. 

More paint. More scribbling. Back and forth. Scribbled on her face with a 4B pencil both writing and defining her face. 

BOOM She was done. At least for now.  She might decide differently. 

Ttyl. Off to the parade. 🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀

Margaret xoxoxo

Day 969 Might be a trend. 

Been working on this today for an online class I am taking. More political art.  I have never made political art in my life til lately. 

Step one. Gluing down some figures  and journaling over them in pencil. Circling some of the words. Then stamping over that. I couldn’t find my stamps so I drew letters. 

Collages layer. 

Scribbling on it with Prismacolor art sticks.
Painting over it with cheap acrylic paint I. Bottles. 

And I added some washi tape. 

Ttyl. Got to clean up the mess I tossed all over the kitchen for some reason.  Stacks of paper scraps glue sticks and my apron to name a few things.  

Ttyl. Collage is fun. Try it. 

Margaret xoxoxo

   Day 968 Hmm I know I have something to post. 

Number three does this mean it’s a series.  Still not colored because I am sitting in a dental chair. Eeeekkk. Woke up and thought about it last nite. How to color it. Leave it plain like the others or alter it. We shall see. 

Options. Watercolor acrylic pens gel pens paint markers. We shall see. Oh and collage. 

I spent most of the day working on these two in photoshop and test printing Sacred Heart on various papers. Oddly my big HP did as well as the Epson. Hmmm. 

I want to stitch the big Mill together to get rid of the seam.  No success yet. Soon I hope. And the colors are off when I print. Waiting for one more cartridge for the epson which I know is archival. I did run a piece of watercolor paper thru the HP without a hiccup. Who knew you could do that?! 


Margaret xoxoxo more photoshop and printing adventures to come. 

Day 967 So busy working 

On photoshop I forgot to blog. Oopsey. A few of my sketches from last week. Three generations at chic Fil a which is cool. Heard one of the managers talking to them. The grandmother mother and son who was too cool to sit with them.  

Typical teenager. 

 Business man reading the paper and eating his lunch.  




Day 966  coloring in my coloring book 

I drew these two guys last Thursday as part of my #oneweek100people2017 as they pushed and shoved the heavy scaffold into place that would allow them to hang the new Augusta State Univeristy sign four stories up in the air. 
I have two say these guys were working very hard and were as good as having dancers to draw with their interesting poses. This is the first page I drew. 

Here is page two. Drawn with my Lamy Safari with Lexington grey ink in my Stillman and Birn Alpha. 

You can see the scaffold better in this painting. Drawing three of the big event. They almost had shoved it into place when I drew this. 

UPDATE: And a week later they are still working on top of the building. It’s very cold today. Hope the finish before it goes down to 24 tomorrow. Who turned off Spring?

Here’s the original sketch. I painted these after I got home. Colors used Quin coral, gold,burnt orange. Cerulean and hematite geeen on windows with ultramarine and burnt umber shadows. The building is Quin coral and burnt umber. Their jackets are Lemon yellow and hematite green. The sign is ultramarine and mineral purple. 

I have a giclee quality printer that I am finally getting set up for print making. It’s been in the garage for quite a few years because it’s about two feet long and takes up the whole desk but no more. 

It’s hooked up and it works. I was told it might not. New cartridges cleaned the print heads and it looks like we are in business. 


Will let you know when I start making prints. Soon. I promise. 


Margaret xoxox

Day 965 141 People in one Week 

Well I made it. Added another another 14 people yesterday when we were at the Standardbred Harness Races yesterday at McGhees Mile Track in Aiken. Starting from the last one draw to the first one drawn at the end of the post. I am going to paint some of these today I think since this is day 7. 

​Flipagram of the sketches. 

All of them are drawn with my Lamy safari in Lexington Grey ink in my Stillman and Birn Alpha. Most were drawn from real life except the 20 or so talking heads. 

In the window at the Mexican cafe on Laurens street in Aiken. 

At the races. I was afraid to shop out my sketchbook after I did this because a certain bird was busy telling people what a great sketched I was. 

Off MSNBC Friday nite. ditto that

Hanging the new Augusta State University logo sign at the Dental School Friday. These guys were working hard. Two guys only but they hardly stood still pushing and shoving the big scaffold that would take them to the top of the four story building. 

More of the two guys. One worked continually nonstop the whole hour or so I was drawing. Pulling and pushin. And backing the truck up. 

Contour drawings because they were moving fast. The angles they got on their bodies were as good as any dancer or yoga as they pushed and shoved the heavy scaffold. 

In line waiting at chic fil a and the dental school check in. 

Too right luck at chic Fil a and a guy waiting to see the dentist at the college. 

A three generation family at chic Fil a  

More tv talking heads. 

My heroine Rachel Maddow. So brilliant. 

Talking heads MSNBC especially like the Bernie Head. 

Lawrence O’Donnell taking heads. Love him too. 

Rachel Maddow and her talking heads 

Panera sketches Tuesday

Panera Tuesday 

Panera Tuesday the rest are at Panera Monday and a few more talking. Heads from MSNBC. 

Heads on Morning Joe. 

As I said will paint some of these. I love having my own coloring book. Total people. Depends on how you count them. 141 if I count all the contour drawings at the Dental College and in the crowd at the races. 


Margaret who has to paint. Xoxoxo