Day 966  coloring in my coloring book 

I drew these two guys last Thursday as part of my #oneweek100people2017 as they pushed and shoved the heavy scaffold into place that would allow them to hang the new Augusta State Univeristy sign four stories up in the air. 
I have two say these guys were working very hard and were as good as having dancers to draw with their interesting poses. This is the first page I drew. 

Here is page two. Drawn with my Lamy Safari with Lexington grey ink in my Stillman and Birn Alpha. 

You can see the scaffold better in this painting. Drawing three of the big event. They almost had shoved it into place when I drew this. 

UPDATE: And a week later they are still working on top of the building. It’s very cold today. Hope the finish before it goes down to 24 tomorrow. Who turned off Spring?

Here’s the original sketch. I painted these after I got home. Colors used Quin coral, gold,burnt orange. Cerulean and hematite geeen on windows with ultramarine and burnt umber shadows. The building is Quin coral and burnt umber. Their jackets are Lemon yellow and hematite green. The sign is ultramarine and mineral purple. 

I have a giclee quality printer that I am finally getting set up for print making. It’s been in the garage for quite a few years because it’s about two feet long and takes up the whole desk but no more. 

It’s hooked up and it works. I was told it might not. New cartridges cleaned the print heads and it looks like we are in business. 


Will let you know when I start making prints. Soon. I promise. 


Margaret xoxox

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