How to paint a nest

My fav things splattering and slinging watercolor. Always fun. Colors used paynes grey, indigo, thalo blue, burnt umber,sodalite.
The sketch. Not much there is there?
Mask the eggs first! I like pebeo masking fluid.
First adding masking! Not too sure abt flinging masking fluid. Could be dangerous! Just lay it down roughly and u will be good to go.
Spray it down w a big sprayer and add some color. Prussian blue and burnt umber. And some splatters!
More masking and more color! Careful not to go to dark.
Deliciousness all those yummy colors.
Remove the masking And now to paint the eggs.
A lovely blue w some splatters and paint slinging with my cheap joes scrooogys loose goose aka a saber brush and shes done. Wonder what kind of bird will pop out?!

Margaret being lazy today but thinks it might be fun to have another run at a nest. We do love our birds. Xoxoxox

Round three and four

All in one day today wore the golfers out and me too. More golf than i want to watch in one day but i persevered to the end.First page done w my noodler pen.
I thought changing pens might improve them. Nope. Done w my uniball micropen. And not as much fun to smear as the noodler.

Tired from too much Easter -lotsa cooking dinner for my son and his family. Zzzzznite nite margaret xoxoxox

Things found and a black black

More or less clean but i found things i forgot i had while cleaning.
This lovely hand made sketchbook full of fabriano 140# hot press paper. Evidently they sell for big bucks on etsy. This one has a kid skin cover. A gifty from my son Ben and his lovely wife Nelie.
A Value finder. It loos well used hut it was lost so nope i do t use it. I should but never got the hang of it.
Red plastic similar to a value scale. Look thru it to see of u have enough darks or is it all mid tones like most paintings?!
Any guesses as to what this is? Something else i though i needed but dont use.
This is cool. A masking marker. Not lost and hopefully wont ever be lost. Love it!!
Azaleas are required this time of the year in Augusta Ga. You only have to watch the masters golf tournament to see them here.

Anyway a recipe for a good dark black. Alizarin viridian and indigo til its black. Works everytime. Good luck and happy painting. Margaret xoxoxoxox

Ready for a break!!

Sketching in my strathmore mixed media. For some reason my ink did not dry. When i wet it w paint it smeared. Grrrr. Makes me want to toss the pens and the ink. Should not be doing that. Bytw red pen on bottom is straight. The bend in the fold makes it look like its not.
Drawing what i saw. Sometimes its quite a challenge to draw whats in front of you.
Sketch before i hit it with the watercolor
Raw Sienna background color. Annoying smears.
Telling the story. I actually journaled abt my busy day. Bytw i can get off the floor again easily since i have turned into a cleaning fool. I added the red pen because it needed something there. I drew it with the pen on the right.

Margaret done for the night! xoxoxox

From the River

Our volunteer Sunflower continues to shoot skyward. I swear it grows 3 inches a day. Jack and the Beanstalk don’t have anything on it. Hopefully a sunflower on the opposite page. An old Strathmore Mixed Media sketchbook I never filled up. Lovely paper but I abandoned it because it won’t lay flat which annoys me. Drawn w my original very first beloved coral Lamy Safari with carbon platinum black ink.
Cleaning continues. Found these two old sketches of dear Erica from 2014. Goes to show you can improve if you draw enough. Legs far too short. 😵‍💫
While she is long and very slim those tiny hands?! And once again foreshortened legs OFF. So keep those pencils sharpened and practice practice practice. Daily practice does work just like in tennis. Or should i say like golf since its Masters week here in Augusta Ga Ya gotta put the hours in.
The cleaned and sorted cupboard. Way too many brand new sketchbooks. Who knew i had all of those?
Sooty playing guard cat. No bird need eat. Clueless what he’s doing. And that’s the sunflower in front of him.

Margaret xoxoxo from the rainy river.

31?! Key West Cycles

Pouring after watching a Linda Baker segment on Watercolor live 2023 which has been worth every penny. You really should consider this. Finally finishing it up. We got a 60 day extension which cost $200 more. Cheaper to sign up now than wait. Price increases. So glad Mike talked me into it. U can hit the pause button and do it at your leisure. If u do tell them i sent you. I don’t get a thing i just want them to know i am doing it. Truly a bargain at $297 right now.

I think i love pouring. May make a bigger one of these tomorrow. This is a quarter sheet of fabriano cp artistico. 300#.
The photo i took in Key West. Sucker for bike pics. I have abt 255 of them.
First mask
First pour. Cobalt Yellow ochre raw sienna
Second pour Yellow red and antwerp blue
Pouring indigo. I may have gotten carried away. You add masking before each pour.
I also added a grinder of salt all over it. The small bottle is soap to wash out the masking in the brush. It survived.
Oops getting a little too dark aka too much indigo
The masking off was not a pretty site. I guess i should have take A pic anyway. Adding paint w a brush to get rid of the hard edges left by the masking.
Quitting for now. This is the color it is now. No idea why my iPad pro takes accurate color like this and my iPad phone 13 does not. The phone is so much newer than the ipad. Maybe two years newer?!

Now to do a bigger one. But first the grocery store

Also made a jar Martha Stewarts sweet red onion pickles today. They are pretty even if they don’t taste good aren’t they? will have to try them shortly.

Margaret worn out exhausted w an unmade bed. Sigh. Xoxoxo


Done. Painting #28 done since January.
Quitting. I like this one. A little too realistic because of the hard edges would be my only critique. The roses went well. Did them with alot of wet on wet to keep the edges soft. I seem to be painting alot of leaves lately. Ready to NOT paint leaves. Lol.
Half sheet fluid 140# which performed so well I wonder why I ever use anything else. Lifted like a champ.
The photo
Johannes Vloothuis did a free class on artist network today. While he was doing oil i painted watercolor. Really not painted in the same way at all but i enjoyed. He runs a very well organized class. his prices are so reasonable as to be ridiculous. $25 for three upcoming classes. I may take them although i really need to be doing my own work but i am a sucker for a deal.
He provides a very easy to print sketch for the class. On the pay classes he even provides a how to transfer it if u don’t want to draw it.
Ready to rock and roll. Used masking to save preserve my whites for the flowers.
The roses were done by saturating them with water and dropping buts of color in til I was happy with them. Probably the most successful roses i have ever done. The wood was done with my chinese brush flattened and then dry brushed. I should have used some of my old acrylic brushes that are splayed from paint drying in the ferrules.

Leaves were painted with blue and yellow i have and then i added some white gouache to a few. i used thalo blue ultramarine joes turquoise colbalt green gold cad yellow light aureolin yellow ochre to name a few. Oh and chrome green and thalo green. I tried them all. I should gave tried my beloved winsor newton filbert. Super painting for leaves.

See ya in one of Johannes classes. Margaret who is tahred xoxoxox

Getting done?

The Messy Table i have been letting pile up in the den. Lamy EF, watercolor and inktense pencils and tombow markers and Strathmore mixed media sketchbook which used to be my go to sketchbook til i found Stillman and Birn. The paper is much heavier than the S and B alpha i normally use. 140 # cp
I painted the wc pencil with my winsor newton momarch psuedo mongoose 1/2” flat love the way it painted.

But it still needed something.
Thr tombow greys did the trick i think. And then i cleared the table off.

Margaret xoxox

The correct color

I actually took this out on our wet back deck to photograph when the rain let up. You get more accurate color photos on an over cast day or so they say. The great debate was on as to whether it was done. I decided it was.

Heres the photo i took inside last night. A BIG change in the color, isn’t it?! Anyway the new owner of this large painting pronounced it “wonderful” so i take it that he thinks its done. Painting the edges, varnishing, and adding the wire tomorrow. This will eventually end up in the owner’s cabin in the Western North Carolina mountains.

Nature does not hurry and yet everything is accomplished. (Lao Tzu) is the theme of this painting.

The vultures have been gathering on our sycamore alot recently.
One was on the pool fence today feet from the back door. Fascinating creepy things. According to my husband they only eat meat once its rancid. No feathers on their head lets them get right into that rotten meat. 🤪
I had to take these pics thru the bars on the back deck rail. I was afraid to go outside for fear of scaring him off.
Pretty cool catching him with his wings wide open. Well at least part of them. There were several more in the yard. Our attack cats ran them off.

Margaret xoxoxox who had enough excitemnt for today. Lol.

My Husband’s Cat

Pumpkin 300# cp Fabriano Artistico may be done. Shes aging right now.
The paper masked and first pour of a variety of purples and blues.
Second pour.
I also added some burnt sienna on the left.
Third pour
Painting before i removed the masking.
Biggest decision. How to paint all that fur and keep it soft?! 😵‍💫Found a Liz Steele @lizsteelart post on instagram where she used four colors today all of which i happened to have -Daniel Smith French Ultramarine Blue, DS Buff Titanium, DS Monte Amiata and DS Red Iron Oxide which i thought would be perfect for Miss Pumpkin. This is my test page in my Stillman and Birn Alpha. Lots of wet on wet for the fur test.
Before i stripped off the masking. Not a big fan of masking. You have to soften alot of edges after you remove it.
Lots of sharp edges now on her face. I had to lift out some of them by rubbing them w a nylon flat and remove the rest of the masking.
And here she is now. The watermark lettering does not show like that when you look at the painting. I also had tto wet the back of the paper toto wet the back to try to flatten the paper which was

Margaret xoxoxoxo