Things found and a black black

More or less clean but i found things i forgot i had while cleaning.
This lovely hand made sketchbook full of fabriano 140# hot press paper. Evidently they sell for big bucks on etsy. This one has a kid skin cover. A gifty from my son Ben and his lovely wife Nelie.
A Value finder. It loos well used hut it was lost so nope i do t use it. I should but never got the hang of it.
Red plastic similar to a value scale. Look thru it to see of u have enough darks or is it all mid tones like most paintings?!
Any guesses as to what this is? Something else i though i needed but dont use.
This is cool. A masking marker. Not lost and hopefully wont ever be lost. Love it!!
Azaleas are required this time of the year in Augusta Ga. You only have to watch the masters golf tournament to see them here.

Anyway a recipe for a good dark black. Alizarin viridian and indigo til its black. Works everytime. Good luck and happy painting. Margaret xoxoxoxox

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