How to paint a nest

My fav things splattering and slinging watercolor. Always fun. Colors used paynes grey, indigo, thalo blue, burnt umber,sodalite.
The sketch. Not much there is there?
Mask the eggs first! I like pebeo masking fluid.
First adding masking! Not too sure abt flinging masking fluid. Could be dangerous! Just lay it down roughly and u will be good to go.
Spray it down w a big sprayer and add some color. Prussian blue and burnt umber. And some splatters!
More masking and more color! Careful not to go to dark.
Deliciousness all those yummy colors.
Remove the masking And now to paint the eggs.
A lovely blue w some splatters and paint slinging with my cheap joes scrooogys loose goose aka a saber brush and shes done. Wonder what kind of bird will pop out?!

Margaret being lazy today but thinks it might be fun to have another run at a nest. We do love our birds. Xoxoxox

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