Day 72 Italia

Probably my least favorite painting I have done with the Vlad Yesilesev . The top part looks great but don’t like all the brown on the very dull steps. Maybe I will wipe them out tomorrow and try again. Or maybe I won’t. Easier sometimes to just have a do over. Too many muddy colors on the bottom. Right now I am blaming the new Lukas paints I bought but Vlad doesn’t get them when he uses them so hmm. Read they have a lot of white added to them and that kind of color will mud easily.

Anyway back to my knitting. My mile long scarf is growing. Just what one needs in summer right?! Oh well as they say winter is coming.

Calling this the body blanket. Might just sleep on the sofa under it since I am too tired to move right now. Knitted most of this since Friday or is it Thursday?! I am a mad knitter.

Margaret xoxoxo who thinks she needs a break out. Oh and I have already signed up for two more paint alongs so a good crash and burn won’t keep me down.

Day 59 My White Amaryllis

And a quote from Reese Witherspoon. This white amaryllis has been blooming steadily for SIXTY days one stalk at a time. Thought I should commemorate its swan song. It has consistently shown up to do the work of blooming. Third year it has come back to bloom.

I journaled a bit about the amaryllis in pencil and painted it faintly in the background on the right page.

Namiki Fude Eelskin Black Ink

A sweet fat cardinal wallowing in bird seed on the back deck.

Margaret who is Tahred again. Xoxoxox.

Day hmm 56?? Mask making

But took some time off for art. It’s a must I think.

First was draw a tattoo that reminds you of your mother with Koosje on the sbsdrawingparty on Instagram today. My mom loves flowers and has quite the green thumb. I was making masks today so naturally I thought a mask surrounded by flowers for my tattoo. Moms self quarantining in Asheville NC with my brother.

Draw something nearby with Morgan. Been meaning to draw my grandmothers opera glasses which are quite cool. I take them to art classes to see what the teachers doing better. I also watch the birds with them. They are really quite good binoculars. Brass and mother of pearl with a cool lorgnette that I hope is bake lite plastic NOT ivory.

Lamy joy pen and Namiki Fude.

Margaret whose tired from sewing masks all day. Hugs. Stay safe. Wear a mask! Xoxoxo

Day 55 What Makes you HaPPy?

Today the weather was so gorgeous I had the back porch sliding door open. I could hear the birds sing and crunch on the sunflower seeds. Ditto the squirrels silly things. They made me quite happy today as did listening to Danny’s soothing voice.

Of course I forgot to draw Zoe!! She and I snuggled up in the sofa for a nap after mopping and scrubbing all the downstairs floors dusting the house and changing the sheets. Now it’s tie. For a good nite sleep.

Margaret Xoxoxox

Day 36 entertainment never

Stops around here. Took another class with Vlad. Maybe I will like this better tomorrow.

Vlads. Better pic on Fb tomorrow.

For some reason I seem determined to cross every t and dot every eye though I have known from freshman art that’s a no no.

My value study.

Loved his explanations that surround it.

    Use the biggest brush you can.
    Heads are on the horizon line.
    Start drawing and painting in the middle.
    We are not cameras. We don’t see everything. We focus on what we think is important.
    Give an accident a chance.
    Use your eraser too much you are an illustrator.
  • First sketch. I had to eliminate quite a few things.
  • First wash now that it’s been thinned out.
  • Coming along. is Vlads.
  • Margaret who need a nap now or to go to bed.
  • Day 33 Never

    Eat a large chocolate bar. It will keep you up most of the night. But oh was it good.

    I took another photo of The Farm using my Ott light to light it up. Much more accurate photo. Can’t wait til Saturday for the next class.

    Drawing with Koosje. A corner of the living room really my den.

    Lamy Stillman and Birn Alpha.

    We drew masks with Danny at noon. Now we have to pick one out and make a paper bag mask.

    I had to write down what I thought they were saying. That was fun. Can you find the Covid monster?! Lamy Safari Stillman and Birn Alpha. Only five spreads left but I got a new one from Amazon. Hurrah.

    Sweet Ilaina. Missing my painting peeps.

    Digging around for my 140 # rough press Fabriano I found this. Always liked it. Still have the photo to finish it. Full sheet on Waterman cold press I think.

    Got some decent pics of the Downy that hit the window this am. So pretty.

    Not sure what he is but cute. A sparrow?! Where’s the bird book?!

    Loves this female cardinal on the thistle feeder. Adoreable.

    Distancing in SC

    Margaret ready for bed despite my excellent afternoon nap while watching Mary Berry at Highclere Castle on YouTube. Zzzz


    Margaret xoxoxo

    Day 31

    Something fun for Easter. Hope yours was Hoppy. I do enjoy doing these little tiny snapshots.

    Did u find Zoe and the Easter candy?! Lamy Ef Noodlers eelskin Ink.

    This am.

    Finally got pics of the Downy on the suet. Was afraid he would fly away if dived for my camera so I used my iPhone.

    Margaret who cooked all afternoon again. Not sure why. Pork chops oven brown rice cauliflower and coconut cream pie. Yummm Xoxoxox

    Day 28

    Amazing how busy you can stay doing nothing important. I got up before 8 to draw with Koosje on Instagram but couldn’t find her soooo I drew this:

    The corner of the den and out the den window.

    Then who popped up on my phone Koosje sooo I drew this.

    Part of the shelf in the den. Kinda fun and lots easier than the first one.

    So I was ready for Danny at noon in between a little cleaning sheet washing dog chasing cat feeding and you know important things. NOT. He wasn’t on til 1. What?! Then I found Mary Berry she of the British Baking Show fame. Who knew she’s been well known in England for years and years. So I watched one while waiting for Danny. She’s so charming. So utterly British.

    And darned if we weren’t drawing a plant with Danny. Too lazy to find a new plant I drew the white amaryllis again. Hohum is the way I feel about this version.

    What next?! Watched Mary Berry while waiting for sheets to dry and walked. A lot. In front of the tv.

    And I thought this recipe sounded tasty. I do love a good Eggs Benedict. So of course I wrote it down and illustrated it.

    Out my window this evening. Sun came out. Oh yeah. Meant I had to fill the pool since there we got zero of the predicted rain.

    Margaret about ready for bed. Zero face masks made. Maybe tomorrow?! Xoxoxox

    Another day of drawings

    The back porch models posing for me. Sepia fine Pitt pen

    I decided to use the pentel brush pen stillman and birn Zeta. Did NOT go as well. My fav is the little bird on left second one down and the big red cardinal. The brush pen can have a mind of its own drawing tiny bird legs beaks and eyes.

    I drew the red cardinal with my watercolor pencils. A set of 24 will give u all the colors you need. Xoxoxo

    Su nset on the rivah

    Margaret busy watching Gov Kemp talk about what’s going on in Ga. be safe. Xoxoxox

    Down on River Walk

    I always like this fountain that sparkles in the sun. I put off painting it because I knew it would be a pain and it was. I quit. Should have left it in ink. Too many tiny details. Sepia Pitt pen fine stillman and birn Zeta From the safety of my car.

    I did finish a pair of socks today. What else have I done this week. Three paintings. Sold two. Hurrah. Stacciatella THE best soup ever. Sooo good. And I have made lots of soup.

    Thought about quilting this.

    Bakes cookies snickerdoodles and easy no knead bread twice.

    Goodnite. Stay safe!

    Margaret staying home. Xoxoxo