Painting number 32! Key West bikes 2

MIA working on this half sheet. kilimanjaro 300#
Top right still needs work but was too tired last nite to finish it. Worked til abt 11:15 pm. 😵😵😵
Ready to rock and roll.
Am enamored w pouring. BUT i forgot that Baker said NOT to use colors that were not marked transparent. 5 am i woke up thinking abt that. Slapped myself for Forgetting that. She said she always checks the tubes to see if it says its a transparent watercolor or not but i forgot.
First pour. Cobalt Indigo and Raw Sienna
The colors I used cad yellow and cad red. Never transparent. What was i thinking. Yellow ochre and raw sienna same thing. Duh. Only my blues were-indigo and cobalt. Not sure abt Antwerp.
Then i added the cad red. 😵 Duh. Thank goodness my paint was tea consistency aka very thin.
Pour 2 dry. This took along time and i got some blooms along the edges. The paper had so much water on it it was limp.
POUR 3. Remember i have to add more masking every pour. Hard to decide where to put it. Used all my paint cups now.
My cups of watery paint. A tip from Irena Roman. Wrote the names on the cups!! Muffin pans work great to keep it stable. Messy business pouring. Cant imagine spilling these esp on the dining room table where i paint. 😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫
Pour 3 dry. Removing masking. What an onerous task that is. Peeled masking everywhere on the table.
Now I have to paint. Really like that cheap joes golden taklon brush. Makes great straight lines. Paint and mist the edges to soften.
And this is where i left her.
Pic i took of a red bellied sap sucker today. such pretty birds!!

Margaret abt ready to go back to hed and its only 6:30. Madly doing spring cleaning too. as if i am jot doing enough!😵‍💫. Xoxoxox

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