Day 968 Hmm I know I have something to post. 

Number three does this mean it’s a series.  Still not colored because I am sitting in a dental chair. Eeeekkk. Woke up and thought about it last nite. How to color it. Leave it plain like the others or alter it. We shall see. 

Options. Watercolor acrylic pens gel pens paint markers. We shall see. Oh and collage. 

I spent most of the day working on these two in photoshop and test printing Sacred Heart on various papers. Oddly my big HP did as well as the Epson. Hmmm. 

I want to stitch the big Mill together to get rid of the seam.  No success yet. Soon I hope. And the colors are off when I print. Waiting for one more cartridge for the epson which I know is archival. I did run a piece of watercolor paper thru the HP without a hiccup. Who knew you could do that?! 


Margaret xoxoxo more photoshop and printing adventures to come. 

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