Day 977 So what’s up?!

If I were home I would be heading to the Steeple Chases the second leg of the Triple Crown today with my friend Kathe.  Oh well. Instead I am babysitting my grandkids which will be a lot of fun too. They are so sweet. 

The Two Year Old Harness Races Aiken SC 

I really think this is two pictures. I drew it leaving against the fence on the far left. The people on the right were a few feet from me. The guy on the left down the rails. I filled in with people who wandered by. That caused the problem with this drawing. The ladies in the middle are far too short. 

It looks great cropped like this. 

And not bad like this. I mean those ladies could be kids right?! Or the guys on the left really tall?! Hmmmm. 

Going to blame it on Kathe I had to hide to fill in the middle. She started bragging about my drawing. Eeekk. Not what you want when you are drawing people and they want to look. NOT if you have political sketches in your book too. Double eek. 

Andy way drawn in a Stillman and Birn Alpha with a Lamy Safari. 

Ted Nuttalls transparent Palette. 

Ttyl time to babysit. Pray for me! 

Margaret xoxoxo

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