Day 1739 Gestures and the Folk Pottery Museum

Three minute gesture drawings. I painted the watercolor ones when I was listening to the Kavanaugh hearings. some Are Good some Are not. Kate is so slim that it’s easy to make her too long and thin. W

drawn with my 2B Derwent sketch pencil in my superaquabee.

Old Sautee Store

Today I had to drive to Sautee Nacoochee to drop off a painting for the Georgia Watercolor show.

Inside the old store.

The pretty little Presbyterian Church across the street.

An old barn. I had been going to spend the afternoon there and then drive home again. There was little else to see in the crossroads escort the Sautee Nacochee Center and the Folk Pottery Museum.

I did find the pottery exhibit interesting because I have one of Lanier Meaders facejugs.

Probably the only thing I own that the kids will fight over when I am gone.

Mine looks a lot like this one. We dress him up with sunglasses and baseball hats.

When commercial pottery started making a dent in their pottery business the potters of north Georgia started producing more facejugs.

A few more of them. The different potters of course make different styles of facejugs. They did it all from digging and processing the clay to building the kilns the pots were fired in.

Margaret who is putting her feet up after driving for six hours today. Xoxoxoxo

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