Day 1766 Back in my Coloring book.

Woes press Might be a good name for word press because it is being most recalcitrant and annoying not letting me upload. Grrrr. I added white gouache water.

Before I added the gouache.

The Thompson River at my sons cabin at Sweetwater Trout Farm. The grandkids love to go swimming in the shoals the river forms as it swirls by the cabin.

Shoulda been some foam here. Oops
Shoulda been down.

Oops did I say foams??! I forgot the white water where it goes over the rock falls. Was painting it from memory. Going to see if the white gouache can fix it. Cross your fingers.

Before I added more ink with my Lamy. It was drawn with a Twisbi loaded with sepia ink.

Did I say I love this chaise longue. Love it’s patchwork it’s color. Bet it’s divine. Ok back looking for the ink sketch. Oops.

Because I love the silly bear!!

who else gets stuck in a hole!?

On my to paint list.

Found some Other fun things but no photos of the Thompson in ink. Sorry.

Listening to the lieutenant governor debates. Go vote. Early voting has started!! Get with it. Every vote counts.


Margaret xoxoxox see what I got today? Going on my sketchbook cover soon.

Where I shoulda been today but how many times can I drive to Atlanta in one week. Sigh.

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