Day 1758 It’s Saturday


Yes I know it’s Sunday but we did these yesterday. Love painting Miss Emily. She never moves and always looks so pensive relaxed.

I decided to just do the head and shoulders so perhaps I would do a great job on her portrait. I really like the way she tuned out. What do you think?!.

The sketch

Forty minutes first break

Second break about 75 minutes

95 minutes End of session

What was I thinking painting her neck so blue even though she was in heavy shadows.

Just a touch more work this evening. Done I think.

Flesh colors cad red light yellow ochre. Shadows cad red light, peacock, burnt sienna, mineral violet. Paper Strathmore Bristol. Love the way the watercolor sheets down this paper. Really need to see how it behaves on hot press. Could be fun.

Fred rocking it. Wonder what he thought about when he was a dentist.

Al Beyer’s lovely oil portraits

Thomas Needham Watercolor

Bill Daniels intriguing oil

Dr Rich Klein charcoal

Amy Lockhart Ness lovely conte crayon

Margaret on the road again xoxoxox Ps Bytw I decide on the way home to buy my biannual lottery tickets. And then Tom and I had fun dreaming about whey the $$$$$$ could be spent on. A couple of months in Europe in Provence and Tuscany for the Saturday drawing people plus a few who usually come but are missed. And maybe some art scholarships. Round the world trip on Viking. Only $89000 for 254 days. More scholarships. Back a few good starving artists. I mean a billion and a half can help ALOT of people right. Off to bed. Oops forgot to check to see if I won the Saturday nite drawing. Lol. 🧐🤔😴😴😴😴

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