Day 1767 Tuesday drawing

Trying out a grisaille layer.

Grisaille means a first layer of the shadows.

Second break

First break. This is the grisaille later.

Then you add the flesh tones last. Usually done with oils.

I like the effect it gave. That aid needs a dark background.

First layer was done with cerulean burnt sienna and darkest darks burnt umber and or ultramarine.

Skin tone cad red light and cad yellow light. Sometimes more cad red than anything else. Think I will try it on hot press next.

Drew Murphy first break

At the end. He didn’t like it but I think it’s very interesting and unique. And no doubt he got the drawing right which is really the thing we all aim for.

Dawn first break

End of session

The iPhone didn’t do it justice turning the darks really dark and the flesh colors which were gorgeous also got muddy. They really weren’t like this but a really lovely soft peachy pink.

Amy Lochard Ness. Oil. Love it. Once again it went dark with the iPhone.

Bill Daniels. Wow what else can I say oil on panel.

Rich Klein oil!!

And that’s a wrap folks.

Margaret worn out from a busy day of baking. Xoxoxox

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