Day 1765 Adding darks

Waiting. Hit Press Fabriano 300 lb.

Important stuff adding darks. I need to dig out the painting of this without all the darks I just added to her my daughter in love Lee Anne about four months pregnant with my delightful granddaughter Livie. I added darks all over.

Added some card red light and burnt sienna ultramarine cerulean mineral violet. Amazed at how the salt shaker looks almost photographic on this hot press. Just adding cerulean and mineral violet to the background around the salt. 😳

With added dark greens

Added lots of darks to this one in the flowers. Though I will say it’s not as dark as this.

Really wasn’t happy with this one.

But now I am. The bouquet was too tight. I added make believe flowers. Now i like it alot!! added the red flowers and some white fluffy ones on the sides. A few leaves on top. Big difference now isnt it?!

Background tooo light.

Not any more. Added more purple and cobalt. Lotsa splatted.

Now you can see the sunflowers.

This one I fear will remain a tight mess.


Hmm maybe I should add some red flower to it too. Why not. Maybe I will like it better right. Worked on the other one.

Keep spreading the reds and the mineral Violet. I will say it Lois better in person. The reds look opaque in the photo and they aren’t. Oh well. Somebody tell me how to get accurate pics with the iPhone please. It used to be so great. Not anymore.

I will say the red flowers got tooo big. Ah well life as an artist. 🤣

And this one. Added the orange and burnt sienna to the yellow flowers which were just blobs of yellow. Aka boring. Oh and mineral violet and alizarin and ultramarine purples here and there.

And that’s it so far. Course the suns still up. More painting?! We shall see.

Hugs Margaret xoxoxo who should go walk my sweet puppy.

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