Day 1762 – sketching

I have a sketchbook full of these that I am currently coloring my way thru. Two left to do. This is my son Ben playing his beloved Dark Souls which has some of the most amazing graphics I have ever seen. CGI right?!!

I did the ink sketch then I added caran cache Neocolor ii to it and wet it down to blend it. The Neocolor are loaded with juicy color and cover more like crayons crayons do quickly. Watercolor pencils which are fun can take forever to color a large double spread like this.

Also finishing up this one lifting bits of white off the salt cellar.

It may not be back to paper white but it’s close enough. I may go back in and add some dark behind it to make the highlights brighter.

The third thing I am up to today besides madly listening to Mario Robinson’s podcasts is thinking about the background of this largish painting 16×20″ Fluid cp.

So many greens. Which will it be?!!! Eeekk

Really requiring a lot of thinking. Right now I am leaning toward an olive green background and lift the flowery vines out so they are lighter but not white. So the next question is WHICH green. A staining one that always will leave a trace behind it a transparent one. Experimenting required.

Should it be cerulean plus an orange or yellow for a dirty green.

A Daniel smith green apatite. Always a wonderful color but doubt I could run a flat wash with it. It’s known for its granulations of brown and rust which could be fun.

Or maybe just a nice dull olive green. Sigh. So much to think about so little time.

Sunflowers don’t differ in tone from background. 🤪😵[/[/[/[/[/[/

And is this background dark enough or should I do it like this one?! Eeekkk. Thinking too hard today.

Goodnite for now sweet readers. Margaret thinking about artfields and the GWS in the spring. Xoxoxox

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