Day 992 Peggi Habets Class

At Nancy Couick’s Art Studio in Charlotte was just great. A very cerebral thought provoking class. Peggi imparts ALOT of knowledge in a jam packed four days. 

A tiny little woman with a lot of knowledge and a definite joy in sharing what she knows. 

Her next painting. She’s working on a series of ballet dancers for a show with three other artists. They start with a photo session.  

After she decides on the photo  she then makes 3 small 5×7 ” black and white pencil studies. 

More black and white studies. 

She also uses the Pythagorean theorem to design her pictures as well as 2-3 color studies for her paintings. Colors combos might be complimentary colors analogous colors and tertiary colors. 

Something I definitely need to work on.  Hers are immaculate. Mine not so much. 

My color studies. It’s also a good place to work out design problems. I have another one of these but not painted it yet. 

She also gets you to form a story for the painting. This is a large future color study  for a full sheet watercolor of Raisin who loves Frisian horses and owns several. 

3×4′ acrylic

This is the same photograph painted as a large acrylic. I never quite finished it because it does not have a story. So now I can go back and fix this one. Yeah. 

One of Raisins freisians 

Margaret xoxox

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