Day 1012  more extreme journaling graffiti 

Update: A lot more white now. I actually colored it a lot with a white neocolor ii to get it this bright. I thought I might have to break out the gesso. So this is it for now.  

I ripped strips of tape off the face on the left when I was at USCA today. Still have to fix that one. 

Odd how it looks like an old peeling wall. 

Update!! The page til after I eat dinner.  
Hmmm this is a page to the ancestors. I used white because that’s the color the Chinese use for death and venerated ancestors which is part of what this page is about. 

 Not done yet.  Who knows where it will end.  It’s already changed since I took this picture. 

I added white paint and stamped some More.  Scribbled and scrapped some more. 

Funny things happen when you do these pages. Call it serendipitous ESP or who knows maybe it’s the ancestors doings?  

My friend Marsha and I were looking at this spread at breakfast this morning.  I was making a list of things to add to the book.  Into my pea brain popped eyes on the house where the three little boys are. Almost simultaneously out of Marshas mouth popped out an evil eye on the house. Strange but true. 

At this point to was just too busy. No focus. No place to rest the eye. I came home and started painting white acrylic on it which was pink.  Not easy to paint over caran dache which is water soluble. 

I also stamped some more.  Can’t get enough stamping.  And scribbled with the 6B lead and scratching layers off with scissors.  

Ttyl mArvaret on the way to Boone. Xoxo Charles Reid here I come. Xoxoxo