Day 1102 In the BagĀ 

This is what yesterday’s page should have looked like.  

Part one of The assignment was A creepy forest above the horizon. A graveyard and Frankensteins bride. 
First up was to take only five minutes to cut out ten animals and people to assemble into Frankensteins bride. The hands are Jacques Pepin. The gravestones and wings are more of the altered citrasolv National Geographic. 

Then the forest then a letter then a graveyard and then reconcile it. 

Lilly as I call her  was a lot of fun. Her head used to be a really cute little toddler I cut from an ad. Not anymore. 

I dressed her for her wedding day with Frankie. She’s excited of course. I added some gold gewgaws to her.  She still might need a purple plastic purse. 

 The tombstones are not quite as journalie as they should have been. Milestones in my life. Instead I wrote ancestors names.  Seemed a little creepy to do my life’s milestones.  

Bottom layer is a letter to a dead person. I chose Abraham Lincoln. We could use his wisdom right now. 

Thinking of adding some large letters. Frankie and Lilly were sweethearts!! 

Masking tape, black acrylic paint, white gel pen, Prismacolor art sticks, caran dache neocolor ii and Lamy EF. 

Ttyl Margaret xoxox off to start her haunted doll house.  Lilly needs a home. 

This is the list I have brainstormed for my house so far. 

Door flaps 

Birds behind it. 

Victoria or Queen Anne spiral staircase 

Tower Jacobean?! 

Bridal room for Lilly 

Doll house. Whole cover comes off. 

Widows walk w telescope 

Flag skeleton 

Open in middle of page 

Gothic throne chair w wigs and a hood

Attic room w bed. 

Arched gate 

Window wall 

Hotel de ville.