Day 1006 The ArtistaVista!!

The Vista is an artist area down near the old rehabbed train station on Gervais in Columbia SC. Thursday – Friday they had an art crawl and studio open house on Thursday in the galleries including a shuttle bus for those not up to walking. 

All the galleries we visited.  We walked FOUR miles that evening. 

Red Wimmer One of Those Days Mixed Media $2300 

Ginny Bojanowski asked if anyone wanted to go to the vista tonite at luck Thursday something I have had on my bucket list for five years so I said YES despite teaching my first watercolor class the next day. 

Two hours later we were off! We started at City Art on Lincoln which has a wide assortment of eclectic art for sale and Also a terrific art supply store and also online seller. 

Red Wimmer Sideways Glance Mixed Media $600

Loved these!! 

I had to talk to City Art owner Randy who Charles Reid recommends for art supplies for his classes. I told Randy I would tell Charles hi for him next week in Boone.  It always makes them both light up when I tell one or the other he said hi! CHarles does not do any technology. Since he’s a little deaf I doubt he deals with the phone either.  

I didn’t take a lot of photos as we hit every gallery. 

This one gives me food for thought at that price. Have to talk to Randy about my sketches!!  

Risk into Buckhead    Bruce Nehsmith Graphite and Carbon on paper $1000

Tiger Woods and baseball players. Interesting combo. 

Loved these mixed media sketches.

Obviously Alex enjoys altering his drawings as much as I do!!

Huge and a good price for frames large art. 

Alex Powers

Alex Powers 

Alex Powers 

Multiple baseball images and all were great like this one. 

More of his work. Always hard to take pics thru that plastic. 

These are all at Cityart. 

We walked across the street to If Gallery. Smaller but another great eclectic assortment of art. My two favs were Laura Spong and Leo Twiggs both whom I have long admired.  

Laura has supported herself and her children since her divorce in the 60s by painting. She was a housewife with no means of support when she started. Now her paintings sell for thousands. 

Leo Twiggs was an art prof at SC State and a batik artists. Gorgeous work both of them. 

On to the next gallery tomorrow – the Vista Studios. 

Ttyl Margaret packing for Boone so I don’t schlepp everything I own.