Day 993 How many more days till 1000?!!!


I might cut back to three four times a week. What do you think I should do?!

Worked on this page this morning. 

This is what it looked like this am. 

What the whole three page spread looks line now. 

I colored the hand green with a Prismacolor art stick. The scar letter on the right was done in a page ripped from an old Bartletts quotations. 

I flipped this huge thick book open randomly to Lewis Carrol which I thought quite odd since I had a couple of quotes from Alice on the middle page. Decided to save it , read it and maybe cut up the poems on it later. 

Flipped the book again without looking. Louisa May Alcott was on that page. I have read every book she wrote at least once and read Little Women multiple times. It’s also the only book I own multiple copies of.   

I scribbled the letter with a Kuretake brush pen loaded with carbon platinum black. I ripped the letter by laying my hand on it to give it a hand shape but leave the X-ray part and glued it down. 

The milagro heart was also a piece of the same Louisa May Alcott page. The shreds of the ripped up letter cut out like a heart and glued and colored. After all sometimes our hearts need a miracle. 

Why a heart?! The reason for the X-ray. Some scars are hidden!! And you know your heart is one such place.  

Then I colored it with Prismacolor paint sticks and tombow markers. The Tombows did really well on the black masking tape. Who knew?! 

Margaret xoxoxo