Day 1008 Vista Studios and a robot or two! 

The home studio of my favorite Columbia artist Laura Spong. Amazing woman still painting at 91! 

Click on this link to see more of her art. She does fabulous abstracts. Supported herself since the 60s with it. A major coupe in Columbia. 

Heidi Darr Hope I think. Fantastic shrine. Also at the Vista Studio 

Kirkland Smith. He was on these street electrical boxes. 

These were in the Vista Studio. Just made from assorted cheap plastic junk but collages into a picture. 

Up close it looks like junk but from a distance like Marilyn it has quite the impact. 

A few Robot teasers from Lewis and Clark Studio. On Huger. 

This was my absolute fav place. 
I really need one.  Somebody buy one for me please.  

Ttyl book club night.  More robots tomorrow. LOTS More. M in a hurry. Xoxo