Day 1005 Its Saturday

Been a while since I have been on Saturday and I got off to a rocky start. This is not quite finished. Because I started over after the first forty minutes I ran out of time. 

And now that I look at this one she’s too far to the left. I may just gesso over her. We shall see. 

I still have to finish her hands. I don’t know why I didn’t. 

Maybe I was just having too much fun slathering on paint. There s a heavy impasto on this Emily. And lots of what Al calls goobers lumps of acrylic. 


After first break. She was still damp so I just wiped her out and started over. 

Colors used Indian yellow, thalo blue, titanium white, liquitex flesh, burnt umber, burnt sienna. 

Al Beyer. Gorgeous small oil for him. 2×3′

Coach’s nice charcoal

Kathe’s scratchy conte and pastel. Love these. 
Another Kathe. 

Tom Needham had a good day with his watercolor. 

Like me Drew had troubles today.

And Rachel’s sweet charcoal. 

And that’s it.  Ttyl

Margaret off to the polo matches tomorrow.