Day 1007 All About the Raisin or is it Horses!?

If this painting of Raisin looks familiar it is. I started her last summer. I had also started a large watercolor earlier of the same photo when Al coopted it for an acrylic for school.  He didn’t like the other photo I suggested. 

Then she hung around the Aiken art studio waiting to have a few problems resolved like the upper corner and th iPhone. 

Before you think I am obsessing over my friend Raisin the third photo is a study for the large full sheet watercolor and I really want to finish it after spending all day sketching it. 

I decided to add the horse her Freisian Harley when I was taking Peggi Habits class in Charlotte and make the painting the Raisin story. She loves to ride and she loves her Freisian Harley.  

I am meeting Harley soon but used a photo of a Freisian I took at the flat track races last month. Friesians are all big black and just gorgeous. Fairy tale horses with big curly manes and tails. 

Here’s what it looked like before the gesso!! 

I gessoed out the whole upper left -the picture frame and the iPhone that was in her hand in the original photo. 

Then Al dissed the horse idea. WHAT?!! Too late. The gesso had done its work. 

The photo from our Knoxville painting trip. 

Here’s the watercolor study. The Freisian is too small. Bigger next time. It’s about 10×15″ Why do big? 

I swore I would never do another tiny horse after doing this one last month. He may look great but he took HOURS ago do. Way too long for an 8×10″ painting. 

What u say next time?! Still have that big watercolor to do. I only spent most of a day drawing it. And I AM going to paint it. Third times the charm right?! 

Margaret whose hungry and going to eat. 

Ttyl xoxoxo