Day 997 Denizens 2

More peeps from Peggy Habets class. 

Brenda and Rebecca with who I have had had classes at Cheap Joes. Sorry girls I got you too dark. 

Good sketchbof them. Sad I got it too dark. 

One of the Pee Dee ladies.

 Actually white headed. I forgot what color her hair was til after I painted her.  Oops.  

Ttyl Margaret xoxoxo

Day 997 Four more days till 1000

I suppose I should have a drawing or something but I am out of town hanging out with the grandkids and one sons dogs aka dog sitting so kinda busy! 

Working on four spreads in my Book of the Night. Somehow this one seems almost prescient after this mornings news about more bombs and a possible preemptive strike in N Korea. 

Think the upper left still needs something. And of course I left my blue prismartstick at home on the art table. Sigh.  

This one started out with a large journal piece about all the news. That Cat may have to go. Or maybe be knocked back. He’s too bright for a moonlit nite. 

Then this one. Still in the collage and stamp stage after a week.  Eeekkkk

And two pages ready for some art work. This ones is the yellowish masking tape base w cheap black craft paint over it and wiped with wet ones a bit. 

And this one.  The back of the triple hand spread from last week. 

My favorite so far. 

Ttyl off to the art stores.  

Margaret xoxoxo