Day 984 Alex and Willie

Every Sunday I watch CBS SUnday Morning. My fav bits on it are the partsabout  artists or singers people stuff. And this show is crammed with them. Alex was on this am talking about his 45 impersonations. Hard to resist sketching him. He morphed into 45. The mans definitely making me political!! 

The background was Quin gold but not enough contrast w the head. Like the orange one better. After all he is the Orange One”

Have always loved Willie and meant to just draw him. He just popped onto the page. What’s not to love about an 84 year old who says “we woke up and we are still not dead!”??

Think they are done. Maybe. Trying to resist the urge to scribble on them in the background with a soft dark pencils. So many quotable quotes from them both.  

Painted on 280# Arches Cold Press with Ted Nuttalls transparent palette plus cerulean, hematite and cheap Joes Andrews Turquoise. Pen pentel brush pen. 

Ttyl Going to try my hand at horses today. 

Margaret taking a walk in the park today too. 

Day 983 It’s Saturday

I played with pastels today. Conte crayons on canson paper w a bit of charcoal. 

Number two. She wasforeshortened. I was sitting almost underneath her so my perspective was odd. This one might need some work. But Kathe and I were off to the polo matches to take pictures so no time today. I only took about 500 photos today. Eeek.

Drew Murphy painted this big one in FORTY MINUTES. It’s about four feet long. Amazing. 

Then he did this one. If he weren’t so nice we could hate him.  

Kathe Dennis having fun. 18×24″ pastel
Her first one. Charcoal and conte. Always love her scratchy lines. 

Rachel Miller. Go round 1. Watercolor. 

Rachel’s number 2. Well done Rachel!! 

And I didn’t get any other photos. Sorry!! 

But I have a lot off photos of the polo players. 

And some of the other photographers. 

And one of their bucket of balls. I guess they are called balls. I don’t know for sure what they are called.  When the mallet hits the ball it sounds like croquet. So probably wooden balls. 

Anyway it was a beautiful day and fun hanging out with the other photographers who were pros and very nice to us. 

Ttyl xoxoxo

Margaret tired and ready for bed