Day 72 Italia

Probably my least favorite painting I have done with the Vlad Yesilesev on his paintalongs. The top part looks great but don’t like all the brown on the very dull steps. Maybe I will wipe them out tomorrow and try again. Or maybe I won’t. Easier sometimes to just have a do over. Too many muddy colors on the bottom. Right now I am blaming the new Lukas paints I bought but Vlad doesn’t get them when he uses them so hmm. Read they have a lot of white added to them and that kind of color will mud easily.

Anyway back to my knitting. My mile long scarf is growing. Just what one needs in summer right?! Oh well as they say winter is coming.

Calling this the body blanket. Might just sleep on the sofa under it since I am too tired to move right now. Knitted most of this since Friday or is it Thursday?! I am a mad knitter.

Margaret xoxoxo who thinks she needs a break out. Oh and I have already signed up for two more paint alongs so a good crash and burn won’t keep me down.