Day 1187 It’s Saturday.

Well not really. It’s a little late because I got busy cleaning after the power came back on. Aka I almost forgot to post. After 1187 posts you would think I would not forget but some days I just get busy and do.

This pose was difficult. Foreshortening always is. I started over after first break because my foot was in the wrong spot.

No fixing the foot. So I started over.

I think the foot is still too long. For some reason I decided to draw one of the sketchers in the background of the original one. Some people liked it some didn’t. One thing the additional person does is keep u from noticing Ems foot is still too long too narrow. I tried adding a bit more Shadow to her foot to widen it. No idea if I was successful.

I even photoshopped the lady out to see if I like it better. I DON’T.

Once again Amy was to my left.

Bill was too my right. Notice how all our legs are different. I was between them. So the leg should have stuck our more and more as we went from left to right.

Jeremy Southerland’s lovely red conte crayon sketch. For sale on his website

Drew Murphy’s huge acrylic. He had it easy this week. We switched. I had the legs he had last week. Foreshortening caused everybody else problems but Drew Tom and Al.

Tom Needham all watercolor.

Al Beyer’s beautiful back.

Just remember Measure Measure Measure especially when there’s foreshortening. And remember Practice makes perfect. Keep on drawing! You will get there!!!

Margaret xoxoxox who isn’t watching the Super Bowl you can’t make me.

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