Day 1206 Wet Paint Party


Tonite Feb 24 at Sacred Heart. My sketch as well as 70 other pieces of art will be up at silent auction for adoption to decorate your walls with some fabulous art. There will be some wild fun entertainment engineered by Vintage Oolie. Always interesting. All money raised goes to the Augusta Arts Council.

I was trying to keep the sketch light and loose. I meant to take a photo of the ink drawing which was not exact just close. Loosening up as Bob Burridge would say. I was also trying to keep it transparent.

I really loathe painting trees with watercolor and it always seems to show. I had to work on them a lot to get them right. Multiple Layers.

SKY – blotted the washes as I laid them down to get cloud. Used cerulean blue and some verditer blue.

Building – quin coral quin gold with dioxzine purple and cobalt blue with some cerulean and quin burnt orange for the greys.

Trees – quin gold, Daniel Smith gold green, cobalt, ultramarine blue, dioxzine purple and mineral violet.

Come on out. Always a fun event.

Margaret xoxoxox

Day 1205 oops again. baking cupcakes

And forgot to post. A quick sketch the other day. Wasn’t really trying to draw Al Beyer. Then the ink I used which I thought was a D’Artrementis document ink which means permanent began to run. Oops. I do love that green blue really color anyway.

I do know their document brown is permanent so no idea why it wasn’t.

And as you know I have been watching a lot of Bob Burridges Bobblasts on YouTube- great fun and always interesting. I decided to draw him too. Wild and loose like bob would do not an exact portrait but something fun. He loves Diebenkorn so do I and the San Francisco Bay Area painters awesome Abstract expressionists. So in the interest of following his advice I made Bobs portrait different. No read lines everywhere. I used GREEN instead. Lol. Love the way the Green lettering pops.

Margaret xoxoxo whose doing tomorrow’s post now and scheduling it so it will post in a timely manner. Tossing off a quick sketch #bobburridge #oceanparkseries #diebenkorn #loosenup #ink #sketching. #portrait #watercolorpencil #stillmanandbirn #bobblasts #albeyer #usca #aiken