Day 1205 oops again. baking cupcakes

And forgot to post. A quick sketch the other day. Wasn’t really trying to draw Al Beyer. Then the ink I used which I thought was a D’Artrementis document ink which means permanent began to run. Oops. I do love that green blue really color anyway.

I do know their document brown is permanent so no idea why it wasn’t.

And as you know I have been watching a lot of Bob Burridges Bobblasts on YouTube- great fun and always interesting. I decided to draw him too. Wild and loose like bob would do not an exact portrait but something fun. He loves Diebenkorn so do I and the San Francisco Bay Area painters awesome Abstract expressionists. So in the interest of following his advice I made Bobs portrait different. No read lines everywhere. I used GREEN instead. Lol. Love the way the Green lettering pops.

Margaret xoxoxo whose doing tomorrow’s post now and scheduling it so it will post in a timely manner. Tossing off a quick sketch #bobburridge #oceanparkseries #diebenkorn #loosenup #ink #sketching. #portrait #watercolorpencil #stillmanandbirn #bobblasts #albeyer #usca #aiken

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