Day 1184 A Bit of Whimsey

Mr Bird who needs a name stamped on his page.

Yesterday I wasn’t feeling well so I started watching YouTube videos. I looked at some on How to use Winsor Newton watercolor markers which I have picked up here and there on sale over the last two years.

I decided I should get them out and play with them while I wasted the day away moping on the den sofa. Then I remembered I had a sketchbook full of inked sidewalk crack animals. Perfect to color with the markers.

Tombows would be better if I can ever find my box of them wherever they have disappeared to.

My paints on a cookie sheet to minimize paint on the year old sofa I hope. No oopsies allowed. I also have a quilt under me.

I was having so much fun painting this fish despite the marker streaks I got out my 2 watercolor travel boxes and some sable paint brushes and curled up on the sofa to play.

A bird whose definitely make I think. He needs a name. I also have bags of old stamps that I decided to glue onto the pages to fill it up.

And Washi tape on some of the pages. I think I am going stamp definitely a lady on this one.

Sometimes they can be animals.

This is the book that gave me the ideas to draw sidewalk cracks.

I can see a chick sitting on a rock in this picture can’t you?!! Fun stuff.

Another ladybird.

Mr Kiwi. No name stamped yet. I may add flowers or more stuff to the background. Not sure. More is always better in my world.

Definitely a male bird is some kind.

Carla has a bunch of videos here on her site.

And a few are on YouTube so you can watch them on tv. animals and paper dolls.

Ttyl Gotta go paint some more animals. Margaret xoxoxo