Day 1184 A Bit of Whimsey

Mr Bird who needs a name stamped on his page.

Yesterday I wasn’t feeling well so I started watching YouTube videos. I looked at some on How to use Winsor Newton watercolor markers which I have picked up here and there on sale over the last two years.

I decided I should get them out and play with them while I wasted the day away moping on the den sofa. Then I remembered I had a sketchbook full of inked sidewalk crack animals. Perfect to color with the markers.

Tombows would be better if I can ever find my box of them wherever they have disappeared to.

My paints on a cookie sheet to minimize paint on the year old sofa I hope. No oopsies allowed. I also have a quilt under me.

I was having so much fun painting this fish despite the marker streaks I got out my 2 watercolor travel boxes and some sable paint brushes and curled up on the sofa to play.

A bird whose definitely make I think. He needs a name. I also have bags of old stamps that I decided to glue onto the pages to fill it up.

And Washi tape on some of the pages. I think I am going stamp definitely a lady on this one.

Sometimes they can be animals.

This is the book that gave me the ideas to draw sidewalk cracks.

I can see a chick sitting on a rock in this picture can’t you?!! Fun stuff.

Another ladybird.

Mr Kiwi. No name stamped yet. I may add flowers or more stuff to the background. Not sure. More is always better in my world.

Definitely a male bird is some kind.

Carla has a bunch of videos here on her site.

And a few are on YouTube so you can watch them on tv. animals and paper dolls.

Ttyl Gotta go paint some more animals. Margaret xoxoxo

4 thoughts on “Day 1184 A Bit of Whimsey

  1. houseoftheredmug says:

    This past summer, I was invited to view a famous exhibition of paintings. In this exhibition, the story unfolds the artists formed
    an anonymous society in France only for artists as they were vulnerable to the politics and society. Where we shared breakfast is how I encouraged my once homeless friend .I like the box of stamps.

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