Day 1185 More Flights of Fancy

My new favorite. Wouldn’t want to run across him on a sidewalk. 🤗

My second favorite. Definitely a sassy fish.

Floating off to hmm wonder where she’s going. Some are so definitely female or male to me though I know the male bird is usually the fancy one.

Finally some lettering.

Like it when it’s a double page spread.

Perky and gorgeous or

A sad sack.

A fish whose background definitely needs work.

Ps Carla Sonheim also has a lot of how to videos on Vimeo.

Happy weekend. Go forth and find some sidewalk cracks to play with.

Margaret xoxoxox whose making two large pots of soup. Hmm wonder why!?

Party time!! A bit of whimsy with Carla Sonheim more on my website link in bio. #sidewalkcracks #carlasonheim #animals #birds #watercolor #watercolorpainting #ink #stillmanandbirn #whimsy #fantasy #stamps

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