Day 1183 Honey and My Noodler Ahab

Hard to catch her to draw her. She’s usually hiding on her ultracomfy big bed her favorite spot by the window. The only thing that brings her around is hopes of food – a bowl to lick or a puppy snack.

She was hopeful when I caught her yesterday and drew her on the last blank page in my sketchbook. Bean soup must have smelled good to her. Just what a flabrador wants right?

Been using my Noodler Ahab pen for the last few days. Gives a completely different look than a Lamy. The line is more like a dip pen and can be thick and thin.

Written with an Ahab. A Lamy could never write this.

I personally think they are great for a calligraphic line but they can be quite annoying. Leaking seems to be their specialty. I have bought brand new ones from Goulet Pen that wouldn’t even hold the ink. It was literally pouring out into my palm. They told me I needed to buy parts to fix my brand new pen. Now I only buy them from Amazon where I can return them. Some of the Ahabs have an odd smell. That said I love they hold a ton of ink and I like their big fat size rather cigar shaped.

I also have several Konrads which are more expensive and usually are better pens. But the one that poured ink was a Konrad. A cheaper one. I have never had problems with the $40 ones. That said I NEVER have problems like that with my lamys EVER.

Painted with Ted Nuttalls transparent palette.

Margaret off to Aiken today and I hope dr Sketchy tonite. Xoxoxo #Labrador #lab #blackdog #ink #watercolor #stillmanandbirn #noodlerahab #noodlersink #gottadraw #sketching #dogsofinstagram #augusta #atlanta

4 thoughts on “Day 1183 Honey and My Noodler Ahab

  1. houseoftheredmug says:

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