Day 1166 Livia I

The days all about my son Bens Dog Livia. She went over the rainbow bridge Friday. I drew her a lot over the holidays because I could tell she was not doing well. She had gotten very skinny lost her fur.

She’s developed cushings disease recently but the vet said she has a tumor.

One thing about a sketchbook it lets you remember the good times.

And here are some of the good times

She made the family dog ornament line up this last Christmas.

Here they all are. I made them out of sculpy and Fimo.

Ink sketches of Liv dating back four years ago. She was always watching like terriers do. They don’t want to miss a thing.

Livia In healthier days. She liked to cross her paws. Such a lady!!!

A funny dog she used to try to stuff herself into my tiny Jack Russell’s bed often ending up looking like she was sitting on an inner tube.

Livia a couple of weeks ago. RIP sweet puppy. We will miss you.

Margaret xoxoxoxo whose got to paint.

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