Day 1170 perspective is a killer

That fence is just off. I really like this old Spanish style gas station redone as a realtor office BUT they need to take down that fence. I did have the perspective on the street side windows off too but I think that’s ok now. Large acrylic I am working on at the art studio. Lots of perspective even on the dancers.

Perspective is always a problem when you do a painting like this in the studio let alone with the sketchbook propped on the windshield the way I drew the old gas station. Like me you may not know what is wrong just that something is off. I think the perspective is off on it but in the pic I took of it the fence looks like this. More or less the way I drew it.

Maybe it looks odd because the fence is too dark?! I dunno. Probably should have used my rigger paint brush to paint the fence. As Livie says nudder one. Maybe I will draw it over. Sometimes these urban sketches work sometimes they don’t.

I do like the grass and the sidewalk.

I also like the trees. And the darker quin gold on the front of the building.

Ted Nuttalls transparent palette. I washed the building with quin gold first. Then more quin gold on the top and in the trees.

Off to meet a friend for breakfast on this freEzing morning. 21 windchill 15. Pray I don’t turn into an ice cube.

Darned my favorite red wool socks last nite. All done with the darning. Now I can knit some new ones. Well after I buy some new sock knitting needles. The old ones are lost somewhere. They roll under something and are just gone.

Margaret xoxoxox who will hopefully post something better tomorrow.

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