Day 1165 It’s Saturday

Katie 19x 22″

And I am home so I am with friends painting a life model most Saturday mornings.

This one is done except the background which could use some calming down. Got a little wild but I was experimenting.

I turned her sideways and let it run then I sprayed it and blotted it. I used a two inch Cheap Joes Golden Fleece flat on the background. At first break. Forty minutes. Drawn with 6b lead and painted with quin red and quin gold mix using the two inch Cheap Joes Golden Fleece flat.

At second break. She was mostly done.

More quin red and quin gold Thalo blue and some cerulean a bit of quin burnt sienna using my 16 sable Cheap Joes Legend round.

I softened a lot of edges. Also tried to loose the edge on the back of her head.

The rest of the group!!

Al Beyer’s beautiful large oil.

Dawns interesting oil 2×3′

Coach’s charcoal and pastel.

Bills small oil.

Alex’s lovely pastel. He erases them and reuses the paper. I fuss at him when he does. There’s also one on the back of this.

A nice small Oil by a lady whose name I didn’t catch.

Margaret who really needs a nap now. Xoxoxox I got up tooo early.

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