Day 1161 Zoe sunning

I painted this after streaming some art videos on YouTube especially Ted Nuttall and rereading all my notes from his class. They are copious – a small book with illustrations.

It was done with really thin layers of colors. The greys on her white fur where done with peacock blue and quin sienna. The background is Daniel smith green gold which is quin gold and Thalo blue. I would say this mixed color leans heavily on the quin gold side with a little Thalo blue.

I added dots of colors on my palette like the orange, mineral violet and one of the blues on the Ted Nuttall palette.

Somebody asked me how I got this effect yesterday. I don’t know. I can tell you I used a lot of very watery mixes of transparent colors (Ted Nuttall palette) plus Andrews turquoise on her scarf.

I also use a small table top easel to paint. Yes the paint can run but usually doesn’t. I also used a 16 Cheap Joes Legend Brush.

Lettering down with the Uniball. Random remarks from the Ted Nuttall Cheap Joes YouTube video.

Paint shapes not objects. Hmm I thought that’s what everyone does. Have to think about that one for a while.

Drawn in my Stillman and Birn alpha with a Uniball pen.

Sad about the DaWgS today. Evidently my red socks and my red dog pants and my rose bowl t shirt didn’t work. 🙁

Margaret whose still sleepy and is going to be extra lazy today. Xoxoxoz

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