Day 1172 It’s Saturday

Ilana after about an hour. 19×24″ strathmore Illo paper .

Somebody told me what a great face.

Hmmm nope. This took about an hour to paint. Should have listened to Charles Reid and not used ultramarine blue on her face. It gets too dark. And I needed more time on the face I think aka it’s not done. Maybe tomorrow?!!

And I should have softened the edges more. Yuck. What else can I say!? Time flies when you only have an hour or so to paint a 19×24″ painting. Aka this ones going in the trash.

Colors used quin pink, quin sienna, nickel azo gold, cerulean, mineral violet,ultramarine blue. Drawn with a chunk of 6b lead on Strathmore illustration paper.

The first 40 minutes. 2×3′

I gave up on this one when I found out you can’t paint on YUPO vertically. Oops. The watercolor paint just slides off. And it beaded up.

Yupo is a kind of plastic and very slick. I actually like this one better than the first one. I may finish this one tomorrow. Been watching yupo videos for hours on YouTube hmmm that’s all I can say.

Mine after about first  forty minutes.

Al Beyer’s HUGE oil 3×4′ at least

Drew Murphy’s large acrylic.

Drews when he was done. 20×30″

Lees pastels.

Tom Needham. Lovely delicate colors.

no idea who drew this. A huge group of people from Columbia SC were there today.

No idea whose this is either.

Fred’s mondigliani Ilania.

Kathrine Padgett’s charcoal and pastel.

Bills oil on board. Big 2×3′



Marilyn Hartley’s

Coach Larry’s charcoal

One of the Columbia people

Columbia person oilFuture watercolor by one of the Columbia people.

I think his name was Chad Oil

Done by the dancing artist from Columbia Charcoal

Dawns large oil on board. 2×3′

I think thats all I have pics of. A huge crowd today.

Margaret in Aiken painting. Xoxox

Somebody tell me why my iPhone 8 takes photos that are too dark. They are NOT WYSIWYG Help!! #ilaina #watercolor #watercolours #aquarelle #sketch #drawingforsale #nude #pencil #lead #strathmore #bristol #yupo #oil #art #lifemodeling #artist #uscaiken #albeyer #sketching #drawing #allaprima