Day 1174 Fighting with the yupo painting

After all. I spent most of the day working on this watercolor on Yupo. I took the photo with my iPad because my phone was making her so dark. She’s still a little yellow which she’s not.

And I gave her an eyebrow lift in seconds. Too bad it’s not that easy in real life. All you need is a wet paintbrush and Kleenex to dab at it.

Ilana about 20×30″ watercolor on yupo with a dash of dish detergent to make the paint stick to the “paper” – one of the things I learned on YouTube. The detergent makes the paint stick.

This was what she looked like about 11:30 this am.

Colors used:cerulean, peacock blue, cobalt, and ultramarine blue. Nickel azo gold, quin sienna and burnt umber.

Besides fighting with the yupo I had to fight with my iPhone. The pictures were too dark once again.

This was taken with my phone. Grrr.

Yupo problems.

  • It’s like chasing wet rainbow puddles of color. They float around and do what they want.
  • Color lifts when you try to add more color. Oops.
  • Impossible to get the salt off of it. It sticks. Nothing else does but the salt does. Hmmmm.
  • Softening edges. Hard hard to do. The best I could do was wipe off some of the darker color.
  • You can lift it back to white with clean water and a clean paint brush when you make mistakes.
  • Likes blotting with Kleenex but you knew that.
  • It scratches. I am sure it’s easy to damage it after all that painting. I hope it doesn’t happen.

Margaret who is off to a meeting.

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