Day 1162 New Tires @Costco

Never a good thing to have to stay at Costco and wait for tires. I had to do some shopping and buy tires before I was done. Oops. Anyway drew this with my pentel brush pen while sitting at the food court waiting and waiting. Don’t believe them. Even with an appointment count on it not being ready til long after they say. In fact they hadn’t even started when I went to ask them if was ready when they said it would be.

More sitting! So I pulled out my pen and drew the crowds as they filtered by. A few umbrellas and signs. I think it looks a lot better painted. Pretty sure the guy on the left corner was waiting for tires too. He sat as long as I did.

Ted Nuttalls palette Stillman and Birn Alpha.

That’s about it.

Margaret xoxoxo

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