Day 1171 1000 PLUS followers + Kavarna

How can I say Thank YOU?!! I am amazed thrilled and grateful.

I drew this on New Years Eve when I was babysitting for my kids who had gone to the Rose Bowl at my instigation. Last time Georgia played at the Rose Bowl was in 1941. We all may be long gone before they are there again. So why not go?!

I came out to find of Kavarna which was so peaceful and quiet to find out Georgia was loosing. OH NO. So I thought I should journal on the page about the evening. I had no cable. I spent the evening texting a friend and my son in East Atlanta the play by play of the game.

Probably better before but I wanted to remember the crazy evening of watching a game Via txt.

Drawn with a Uniball. Lettering Lamy Ef and Lamy Safari. I will say once this book is painted the surface is rough to write on. The writing tends to bleed a bit on the edges.

Ted Nuttalls Transparent palette

Margaret who needs to start a new big painting project soon xoxoxo stay tuned. Or maybe finish up an old one. 🤗

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