Day 1153 Make that 502!!

Pretty exciting news to me. I would like to thank and welcome all my new followers. Did I did I do that already!? Probably but hey thanks again!!

And did I say Happy New Year!!!

So time to post some art. This is Peachtree about the 1400 block right near the Center for the Puppetry Arts. Not yet painted. I was on my easy from Aam Flaxs to Dick Block/Utrecht store.

What color there is was done with a tea bag. Had no idea it would color it so much just painting. If it gets too soupy it will run thru the binding in my Stillman and Birn but then so will watercolor.

Another blank page colored with my teabag. Kinda fun. Try it.

Margaret whose getting three free hours and a babysitter so I gotta run.

Happy New Years and thanks again for all the follows. Hugs xoxoxo